Zoe likes beeps.
Sophie likes strums.
They both like the Decemberists.
Two best friends on a mission to make the world a better place for music.


Thom Andrew Condon?

A week or so ago at Sophie's house, we put "The Penalty" on while our parents were having dinner together. My mother turns her head to inquire "Is this Radiohead?" and is met with appropriately puzzled looks. I tell her no, this isn't Radiohead, and while you're at it why do you think it is? She says his voice sounds similar. I tell her no, and that also there is no ukelele in Radiohead.

Today I figured out how to hook my iPod up to my stereo, a move motivated by an extreme desire to listen to Mysterious Production of Eggs while doing my calc homework. I put on "Sovay" and my mother immediately asks "Oh, is this Radiohead?" I tell her no, this is Andrew Bird, and while you're at it why do you think everything is Radiohead? She says his voice sounds similar. So according to my mother, by the transitive property:

Zach Condon=Thom Yorke
Thom Yorke=Andrew Bird
Andrew Bird=Zach Condon.

I think not.
Though in all fairness, my mother's efforts to like my music are largely successful. And when also considering Sophie's mom's inquiry regarding "math music," we've gathered that our parents, while old, are also pretty damn cool.

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