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Sophie likes strums.
They both like the Decemberists.
Two best friends on a mission to make the world a better place for music.


John Darnielle = God

A few weeks ago in a thread on the Mountain Goats message board, some one was asking about an older, obscure song (shocking, I know).

The part that actually IS shocking is that this prompted John Darnielle (who frequently reads and posts there), to try to remember the old song, and subsequently record a new version and post it on the thread. Seriously, is it possible to be any more connected and dedicated to your fans?

So here is the song, and of course, it is amazing.

Counting Song for Bitter Children


miahart said...

so i think you guys should go high fidelity style and do "top 5 records for..."
yep yep (remember that movie?!)
p.s.- like the blog :)

miahart said...

not high fidelity
the land before time

did i just confuse that shit out of you or what??

Sophie said...

Yeah, I'd have to say that was pretty damn confusing....

I'm sure we'll be doing year end stuff! (maybe that's what you meant?)