Zoe likes beeps.
Sophie likes strums.
They both like the Decemberists.
Two best friends on a mission to make the world a better place for music.



This is the blog for the Super Awesome Squad, aka best friends Sophie and Zoe. Because we live in a really shitty small town, we're the only people we know who listen to the music we like. So we talk to each other about it all the time. But seeing as we devote most of our lives to it, we've started doing more than just talk about it with each other:

Sophie has a radio show called Comfort in the Sound every Sunday from 5-6pm PT. Stream it here

Zoe writes for Tiny Mix Tapes as Elzee. Read her stuff here

We'll be posting thoughts, complaints, and hecka things about music on a regular basis. Check up on us when you need a break from pretentious hipster blogging.

Don't let anyone stand in your way
Yours truly,
Zoe & Sophie

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Suzanne Daly said...

Holy crap Zoe. Not only did i know like Andrew Bird.

Tribe Called Quest
Mountain Goats
Final Fantasy (Peach Plum Pear)

Excellent taste in music

This is not suzanne daly by the way its cole