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Of Montreal at GAMH (14.11.07)

Due to the insanity of life right now (moving + school + college applications), I hadn't been able to write about this show yet, but guess what? IT'S HAPPENING NOW, PEOPLE.

This was my second time seeing Of Montreal at Great American. The first thing I noticed, obviously, was the stage setup. There was a big platform that lighted up and smaller platforms which would flash different colors (check it out in the videos, below).

The crowd at the show was pretty interesting and different than the general hipster-y crowd that I expect to see at most shows I attend. There was a group of guys next to us who were all wearing dresses and Kevin Barnes-style makeup. There were some girls behind us with crazy neon colored wigs and weird dresses. Most people in the front few rows looked like they were dressed for a rave.

Before MGMT started, there was a weird comedian who came on for a few minutes. I don't really know if he's worth describing. MGMT were pretty ok, if not that interesting. They were a pretty typical opening band; too loud and vaguely good. However, they weren't good enough that I didn't get kind of tired of them after twenty minutes.

I struggle to find words to describe the strangeness that was Grand Buffet. Try to imagine a skinny red haired bearded guy in a Chinese style outfit and a kind of large guy with chains on his huge shorts, rapping, singing and dancing with great conviction about subjects such as finding a cat. It was WAY weirder than Alaska in Winter.

Of Montreal came on, and from the very first second of music the crowd turned into some kind of insane indie pop mosh pit/rave. Literally, I was not standing still for one second of the show, from their opening Prince covers to the last song of the encore. They played mostly Hissing Fauna material, but we did get some Sunlandic Twins and Satanic Panic stuff as well (sadly, I have STILL not seen My British Tour Diary live). Highlights included Grondalic Edit, the closing cover of Purple Rain (video below) and Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games as the first song of the encore (halfway through the song Kevin Barnes broke into "Let's go Outback tonight!"). This wasn't one of those shows that I wanted to go on forever, as I would have probably collapsed from exhaustion, but it was still a ton of fun.

As one last note, something must be said about Kevin's costume change midway through the show.... he started out wearing a almost normal blue jumpsuit type thing, but when he came back from the costume change he was wearing the tiniest and tightest denim one piece EVER, along with blue fishnets, boots, and innumerable sequins. I don't think I ever needed to see that much of Kevin Barnes thighs. But it was pretty amusing.

The second half of this video really displays the overall mood of the show.

Purple Rain!

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