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Los Campesinos! at GAMH (28.11.07)

After discovering crazy-awesome British indie pop band Los Campesinos! about three weeks ago, the Super Awesome Squad knew that if we didn't see their show at Great American, we'd regret it when they played a larger venue next tour. Apparently not many people shared our views: it was the smallest show we've ever been to at that venue. The balcony was closed, they put up tables on the edge of the dance floor, we got there half an hour after doors opened, and we were still in the front row. Zoe got really weirded out by the tables, which had never been on the floor in her presence before; Sophie had to reassure her. It was a bit traumatizing.

The opening bands were...amusing. Sugar and Gold had kind of frightening outfits but played very danceable funk music. The read-headed lead singer of The Most Serene Republic marched about in an odd fashion reminiscent of both the singer from Voxtrot and Ian Curtis. He also brandished his trombone with impressive command. They were OK but could have been much more impressive considering the array of instruments covered. All of their songs sounded pretty similar and were too loud to distinguish between all of the instruments. Unfortunately a drove of what Zoe described as "old people" (in reality people who were probably about 28) left immediately after MSR. Tragedy.

Los Campesinos! put on a really good show despite horribly unenthusiastic crowd. Their lead singer ("Tom Campesinos!", Wikipedia tells us) was practically-wait, no, just straight up was-the definition of twee. He was bashful and adorable, had a very high pitched, quiet speaking voice, and a haircut that covered half his face. Most of the band looked about our age. Due to their very limited material, they played every song off their EP and a bunch of new material, all of which was really good. We danced and screamed our heads off the whole time, and it was a ton of fun, but we didn't get an encore as apparently our feelings were only shared by a few people around us. Also, living note from the Squad: if a guy named Casey who goes to Berkeley is standing behind you at a show in the Bay Area, MOVE IMMEDIATELY. He is creepy.

And another living note: if the song is called "You! Me! Dancing!" .... fucking DANCE! Come on people. Hopefully by the next time the band tours, more people will have come to appreciate the awesomeness that is Los Campesinos!

Here's a video of a new "love ballad" they played ("Knee-Deep at the ATP"):


Richard said...

For the record, it's Gareth Campesino, not Tom, who's the lead singer, but I'm so looking forward to getting this album.
(Hi, forum pal!)

Sophie said...

I just got the leak of it today (yes, I am a bad person) and it is SO GOOD.

Still haven't gotten the HP leak though.