Zoe likes beeps.
Sophie likes strums.
They both like the Decemberists.
Two best friends on a mission to make the world a better place for music.


Band Plug: Seabear

I decided to listen to the Icelandic indie folk/pop band Seabear for amusement, due to their band name's similarity with my brothers west-Sonoma-County-high-schooler ska band Fishbear. So I got their album (The Ghost That Carried Us Away), knowing nothing about them whatsoever. I was surprised to find that I like their music more than many other better known bands I have heard lately! I'd say they sound like what would happen if Sam Beam did the vocals on Architecture in Helsinki's first album (yes, finally figured that out!). However, I'm pretty bad at that kind of thing, so you might want to just check out their music for yourself!


Richard said...

Yeah it is, it's a shame 'The International TweexCore Underground' didn't make it though! But 'Knee Deep At ATP' more than makes up for it..
Probably not the most appropriate place to ask this, but 'got MySpace'?

Sophie said...

err yes, but facebook is a lot less lame.



but if you don't have that... myspace.com/sophcw